Wanderlust’s Blog of the Week!

Wanderlust Blog of the Week

I’m surprised but excited that my little summary post on crossing the Massif Central by mountain bike has made it onto the Wanderlust travel website as their Travel Blog of the Week! Awesome!

I do find it a little strange that its often these short list-type posts that make it onto sites like Wanderlust, but I guess that’s just a sign of our times, and I’m very happy to be there! Click the images or the link to take a look.

Wanderlust Blog of the Week

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  1. Looks like you’re getting skinny and may have trouble keeping your trousers up – eat more cake!
    Very good on the Wanderlust recognition – strikes me as slightly funny, you must have written countless EIAs and other Enviro stuff without the slightest recognition and now you get recognised for writing about something you love – must be a moral there somewhere!

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