A Night Outside

Al Humphreys and those nice people at Howies set a summer solstice microadventure challenge: to have a night under the stars and then submit a photo, story or video about it.

My friend Anna wrote a poem about her night and as she doesn’t have anywhere to post it online, I said I’d pop it on here. I think it’s awesome!


Well, an adventure that’s micro
Sounds like something I can do!
The summer solstice most opportune
For a night outside: just me, the stars and the moon.

Thursday night spent gathering my stuff,
Thermals, hat and fancy new buff.
Hammock, sleeping bag and silky liner,
For a night outside, what could be finer?

Stove – check, tinned stew – check,
Went out of date last year but what the heck?
More food gathered then off goes the telly,
Ready for a night outside, sleeping on a full belly

Next evening on a train packed with townies,
Them in a suit, me wearing Howies.
London to Brighton, what a quick trip
For a night outside, and maybe a dip

A few hours spent in grinding gear
Until I get to the hill top – I’m finally here!
I pick my spot and unpack my stuff,
A night outside – check me sleeping rough!

Hammock slung, stew on the heat,
Recalling the use-by date of the meat.
Flirting with food poisoning, oh what a lark
During a night outside, alone in the dark!

Down went the sun and out came a critter,
An owl for company as I’m busy on Twitter
Informing #microadventure of my derring-do –
A night outside listening to the twit and the twoo

There I lie, snug in a cocoon,
Wispy clouds bathed in the light of the moon.
Not feeling cold as followed the secret we know –
For a night outside, wear Howies merino

Drifting off on a hill so high,
Thanking my luck it was nice and dry.
Some quality sleep that only fresh air can bring,
During a night outside near Chanctonbury Ring

Morning came and so for that matter
Did a gentle shower – a light pitter-patter.
Up I get, hammock and sleeping bag rolled,
I’d spent a night outside – wasn’t I bold?!

Never mind I thought, just a bit of rain,
Here it’s refreshing, only in cities a strain.
And who cares about the wind and descending mist?
All part of a night outside – I got the gist

Soon it picked up and was whipping my hair
So off I went, I was outta there!
An adventurous cycle from the top of the Down,
After a night outside, I headed back to town

Boarded the train and soon back at mine,
A fresh convert to the world of 5 to 9.
I loved sleeping amongst the birds and the trees
A night outside – thanks howies – Organic clothing, thanks Al Humphreys!

by Anna Williams

Posted in Microadventures.